About Fillmore County Development Corporation

Welcome to Year 1 of our Next 30 Years!

For the past 30 years, The Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) has helped to foster economic development within Fillmore County as a member-driven, non-profit corporation.
In 2019, we will take the lessons learned
and the successes realized and turn them into an economic development strategy that reflects our vision:  To pursue all avenues of growth for new and existing businesses.  To share the goal of maximizing employment opportunities, the tax base and our quality of life.
It’s no secret that pooling resources of time, talents and finances is a model used by most successful organizations to accomplish a shared vision.  It is our hope that we can build a partnership and count on your support as we move into Year 1 of our next 30 years of economic development efforts within Fillmore County.
Click here for a description of the several 2019 FCDC Member Investor Levels available.  In an effort to provide value for your investment, we have added additional benefits to each Level for 2019.
Please take a moment to review the various Member Investor Levels and thoughtfully consider an investment to support our collaborative initiative in realizing the full potential of Fillmore County.

I encourage you to contact me at any time with questions, suggestions and feedback.  Your input is essential in ensuring we are exploring all economic development opportunities available to Fillmore County. 

I look forward to our partnership in 2019! 

All the best,​

Susan Lynch
Executive Director, Fillmore County Development Corporation

[email protected]      
Our Focus - Fillmore County Development Corporation

  • Workforce - Fill the gaps: skills, wages, education, and employability
  • Housing - Increase and improve quality housing stock
  • Funding - Establish a county-wide revolving loan fund
  • Business Retention & Expansion - Indentify needs and celebrate successes
  • Marketing - Strengthen the image of Fillmore County and the FCDC
  • Partner - Work as a collaborative team with business and individuals in realizing the full potential of Fillmore County

Our History - Fillmore County Development Corporation

Established in June of 1989, the Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) is a non-profit corporation that fosters economic development within the county and local communities. In addition to recruiting new industries to locate in Fillmore County, the Corporation also works with retention and expansion of existing businesses and industries. The FCDC is also one of the county's lead organizations on issues such as transportation, leadership, housing, and tourism. 

Click here for the full History of the FCDC

Our Leadership - Fillmore County Development Corporation

Board President         Bart Brinkman-Shickley                      
1st Vice-President      Marcus Ruhl-Geneva
2nd Vice President     Bryce Kassik-Genea
Secretary                     Derek Betka-Fairmont
Past President            Brandy VanDeWalle-Ohiowa                  
Treasurer                     Cindy Myers-Ohiowa

Other Board Members
Don Bristol-Fairmont                 
Nate Hughes-Geneva
Jeff Spiehs-Milligan
Charlie Trauger-Exeter        

The Board of Directors of the Fillmore County Development Corporation is made up of 11 members of the Corporation.  These members are elected as Directors for a four-year term at the annual meeting.  The Executive Board consists of a President, First Vice-president,Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President chosen from the Board of Directors.  Individuals, businesses, utilities, and county and city government entities make up the membership.